WPXO Support


What is WPXO?

WPXO is a Mac OS X menu bar app. It's a companion app for Microsoft Office that provides a fast, convenient way to see the last 50 Office documents you've worked on. WPXO also provides a shortcut to starting your Office apps.

Important WPXO requires Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 2011. It is not a word processor, spreadsheet or presentation program. If Microsoft Office is not installed on your Mac then WPXO will be of no benefit.


FAQ WPXO does not work!

WPXO is a menu bar program for Mac OS X and does not display any windows when it first starts. WPXO adds a square, colour icon to the Mac's menu bar. Clicking this icon lists the most recent Microsoft Office documents you've worked on.

FAQ I don't have Microsoft Office!

WPXO requires Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 or Office for Mac 2011.
You can buy Microsoft Office for Mac from amazon.com or your favourite retailer.

FAQ How does WPXO find my Office documents?

WPXO uses Spotlight to find your Office documents. If WPXO doesn't list your Office documents, do a Spotlight search for them. If Spotlight can't find these documents, WPXO won't find them either. Check the Privacy settings for Spotlight to make sure your hard drives and folders are being searched.

FAQ What documents are shown in the menu?

WPXO finds the last 50 Office documents you've worked on and sorts them alphabetically, by date modified or by document kind. When you choose to sort documents by date modified they are grouped into sections for Today, Yesterday, Previous 7 days, Previous 30 days or Earlier. If you sort by document kind then Microsoft Word documents are shown first, followed by PowerPoint presentations and then Excel spreadsheets.

FAQ Why does the WPXO menu display four WPXO icons and not the Office icons?

This means Microsoft Office is not installed on your Mac. Purchase Office from your favourite retailer
or  buy Microsoft Office from amazon.com

FAQ What should I do if WPXO doesn't work correctly?

Please send me an email and include:

  1. The full path to your Microsoft Office apps eg Macintosh HD/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011
  2. Send me an Office document which does not appear in WPXO's menu
  3. Tell me where this document is saved eg Macintosh HD/Users/dale/document.docx
  4. Send me a screenshot of WPXO'S menu

FAQ What does WPXO mean?

WPXO is an acronym derived from each Microsoft app: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.